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Designing Artwork for Letterhead

As far as technicalities go, letterhead is one of the easiest items to design.
The primary technical requirements are just minimum margins: 5/16" at the top and 1/8" on the sides and bottom. Within those margins, you can essentially arrange your information any way you like it. Still, you should consider what you do carefully; the all important customer impression is on the line even though there are few technical constraints.

Letterhead artwork diagram

You will want to allow room for your letters.
Keep in mind how much content you will normally be including in a letter. If you expect to write a lot of short letters, you may want to fill more space with your design elements. On the other hand, if your typical letters will be lengthy, keeping your design elements a bit smaller will help keep your letters from being crowded.

Normally, letterhead is printed in one or two colors of ink on traditional offset presses.
This provides cost effectiveness throughout the typical quantity range, high quality reproduction, and laser-printer safe imaging. If two or more ink colors (counting black) are desired, then we must have color separable vector artwork set to Pantone ink colors. If you are unsure how to do this, please give us a call before designing your artwork.

Other options are available; including full color, raised print, metallic foil, etc.
While we are certainly happy to help with these options, the specialized processes involved are beyond the scope of this online article.

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